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Keep it together - organize your gear between games and practices.

Keep it clean - stow your gear, keeping it clean and off the floor.

Let it breathe - hang it up and let it dry.

Take it with you - easy to collapse and reassemble, a perfect companion for the upcoming tournament.

Working hard on the field, in a gym, or the ice means your gear gets as sweaty as you.  Let your gear get some fresh air between games, without leaving it all over the floor.

Clean it your way, let the monkey dry it and stow it - keeping your gear ready for the next game!  And why not take the opportunity to display your team colors and your favorite number.

Ideal for hockey and football gear, yet versatile to use with gear from your favorite activity.

Ships with simple assembly instructions, no gluing, bolting, or screwing necessary.

Assembled Size

  • Height: 58 inches ( 4 ft 10 in )
  • Stand Width: 26 inches 
  • Shoulder width: 42 inches
  • Shoulders height: 50 inches
  • Deep: 19 inches
  • Pants hook: 38 inches 

It can be a stinky life, but your gear does not need to be!